Don’t underestimate the shoes

Just because we probably spend half of our life in shoes we want to have a closer look on this important theme. How important is the shoe for us, what kind of impact could false footgear have, how can a shoe fulfil a foots’ needs?

Less than 2% of the feet disorders are passed on to the next generation. This shows that most of the feet problems get acquired during lifetime. A main cause is incorrect footwear. Too tight, heels too high, too flat, too hart, not enough footholds…most of the problems are sort of home-made and you can literally find them in children’s shoes.

Laufend stehen

Salesmen, craftsmen, gastronomes, or housekeepers…Do you also belong to the group of people, which absolve most of their tasks while walking or standing? Standing for a long time is a one-sided stress and counteracts the foots’ natural anatomy. The arch of the foot lowers which means that the inborn shock absorber function slowly disappears. Guard your feet from such damages and rather grant it with more stability and foothold with the help of anatomic worked comfortable shoes, individual hand made inlays or a unique comfort configuration for your favourite shoes.


Jeder Schuh zu seiner Zeitt

There is nothing to be said against high heels or fashionable shoes with slim soles which are worn occasionally.
The shoe is most essential during the feet’s main working time for example in the job especially for standing jobs, housekeeping and endurance sports.


Only professionals may touch your feet!!

…because feet are the basis for humans’ physical mobility and performance. In the figurative sense feet and legs provide the physical improvement. Therefore healthy feet are a basic requirement for less standstill in the human organism. Either while running, walking, standing, jumping, dancing or hiking – in every condition of life feet assume a dynamic carrying role during the course of motions as well as during stabilisation and posture. A closer inspection of the feet shows that form deviations, deformities, dysfunctions, leg shortening and further individual feet defects are caused by various diseases, accidents, injuries, daily or exceptional stress, bad habits and many more. All of these leave considerable warning signals in an active achievement-oriented society.

Prophylaxis and just in time supply of the lower extremities are stabilising and mobilising arrangements, which will gain more importance then ever before. Always having you health in mind MEDITECH Sachsen GmbH is a competent partner for the supply of the musculoskeletal system.

The movement organ and the right shoe as the matching movement instrument are our areas of expertise. The business has developed continuously and specialised itself on individual health efforts especially for the individual supply of the feet.

Use our expert knowledge for your health. Your feet will thank you!