habitus EinlageEinlagenhabitus® ACTIINDIVIDUAL Inlays equalize the pressure peaks.

Manufactured by master touch they offer an optimal connection between foot and shoe. The inlay gets a thermoplastic individual fit into the shoe (for example sports shoe or hiking shoe).

Each inlay is a unique!

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  That small…
…are the pressure areas underneath the sole of foot. These 26 cm² carry the whole bodyweight and also absorb the dynamic forces during motion. The right choice of footwear and a supply with individual manufactured habitus® ACTIINDIVIDUAL inlays will optimize the course of motions and is easy on the feet and joints.
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That big…
…is the effect of the habitus® ACTIINDIVIDUAL inlays:
  • pressure discharging
  • easy on the joints
  • stabilizing
  • motion supportive
  • performance-enhancing

Optimal inlay technology for every use

Feet are high-performance giants

The pressure areas of the feet aren’t even as big as those of a tennis ball but we still undertake them to a maximum of stress. They carry our weight and adapt themselves to the requested courses of motions. They absorb the whole forces, which affect on hip, knee, and ankle. In addition to this the foot experiences even bigger pressure peaks, which are caused by abrupt shifts in direction and steady dislocation of the bodies’ centre of gravity.

Inlays as individual as the foot

Habitus® ACTIINDIVIDUAL inlays get manufactured after a digital foot scan. They optimize typical courses of motion and let the musculature work more effective. Thereby the performance increases and the pressure on the foot decreases. They also counteract inappropriate stress noticeably.



Indoor sports Einlagen für inlays for indoor sports basketball - volleyball - handball

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in-liner inlays for in-linerInliner - skating speed - skating ice hockey

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Soccerinlays for soccer

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Fitnessinlays for fitness

construction inlays for fitness


Running Einlagen für den Laufsport Nordic Walking - Jogging- Walking

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Winter sportEinlagen für den Wintersportcross-country skiing

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